Wheatgrass in Hebrew

Wheatgrass in Hebrew

(Excerpt from the Western Wheatgrass Journal)

“Hidden in Plain Sight; The meaning of grass in Hebrew.”

Encoded in the Hebrew alphabet thousands of years ago a message from our Creator…. As I began to study the distilled definitions of each character and decode basic words in Hebrew, I was in absolute awe of the magnitude of what I was seeing and learning.

In the ancient root words, or radicals, each letter has a meaning, and the letters in sequence in a word, tell the story of that word. For example, biblical names actually tell the office, title and mission statement of the person to whom it is given.

” The letters in the word for an object give an expanded understanding of its function, and its relationship to the whole of creation.”

I realized that neither the brilliant mind of man nor any earthly computer could devise such an incredible language. I was beginning to see the mind of G-d.

Right about then, books and articles started to come towards me. Sent by friends, noticed in magazines at the dentist’s office, standing out on the shelf at the library. The old saying…

” when you are ready to learn, the teacher arrives.”

Only this new information was about wheatgrass. The amazing properties of chlorophyll in human healing, animal tissue repair, and removing radioactive toxins. The perfect Ph levels. A life sustaining food source. Everywhere I went it seemed something about wheatgrass came up. Snips of overheard conversations. I kept getting the feeling to


I come from people who store wheat. Everytime we move, we move barrels, buckets and bags of grain. To store, as we’ve been counseled, for emergencies to come. I’m busy. I am not, in this life or in this body, going to be a baker of bread. And something about grinding, kneading, and using gallons of water washing dough down to gluten to make fake wheat weenies does’t seem to work for me either. So why then do I have so much wheat stored in my basement? Good question. Then many questions occur.

Is it possible that in some severe emergency human beings could actually live on the grass from living SPROUTED wheat? Would it not only keep us alive, but gloriously alive. Could it be that in a nuclear disaster chlorophyll in this easy to grow (not as easy in this scenario) and assimilable form could actually detoxify tissues exposed to disease or radio active fallout? (Include in this scenario consumption of fermented foods such as Miso and Rejuvelac.)

Am I beginning to understand that this simple sprouted grass could actually sustain us, heal us, regenerate us? Is it possible that I am storing wheat not for gluten sausage making but for the life force in the sprouted blades of grass!?

What if I decreased meats, dairy, and processed foods……..> What do the Hebrew letters say? WHAT DOES GRASS REALLY MEAN? I call my Israeli friend David Rona.
“Give me the generic root word for grass. Spell it: Dalet, Shin, Aleph. Deshe. Grass. Got it.”

Dalet: ד The lowest and the poorest. The Door.

Shin: ש Birth, regeneration, coming forthness.

Aleph: א The prime position, The letter of perfection. Our Father.

I see it. I hear it. I feel it. Grass:

” Through the lowest of the kingdoms on earth is the doorway through which we may regenerate and come forth towards perfection of being.”

There it is a loving message encoded in the Hebrew word for grass thousands of years ago! The healing is in the grass!

And if you follow the Chinese Oracle inscribed in bone fragments dating back to 2205 B.C. we get the image of two people kneeling at an altar, with arms upraised, petitioning the Heavens. Is this a second witness?

” coming forth toward perfection of being ” through “grass”.

So we see that the Hebrew language… in its origin… was created… for the instruction of children.


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