Wheatgrass Benefits

Wheatgrass Benefits:

Best consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. Hunger for other less nutrient dense foods during the day, will be muted. In time the taste will be easier to handle for most people….good for…

  • Skin & Nails
  • Protects against sunburn & Pealing
  • Provides beneficial nutrients not found in store bought food
  • Nourishes the liver & bloodstream
  • It IS natures quik healthy “PICK ME UP.”

The Ann Wigmore Foundation

Offering 10 day programs on the Living Food Diet, the Ann Wigmore Foundation in San Fidel, New Mexico, is at the center of the Ann Wigmore legacy. The Foundation’s director, Susan Lavendar took over in 2001, and continues to promote & live Dr. Ann’s Living Foods Lifestyle (R). In an effort to preserve the program in its original form, Susan followed what she had learned from Dr. Ann & from CHI (Creative Health Institute).

The 10 day price as of November 4th 2014 is $1,850.00 :: with a $200.00 deposit via PayPal or check or M/O. (Price subject to change from class to class.)

” All right, lets get down to the facts, shall we? In her autobiography, Why Suffer?: How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally , Ann tells of growing up in war torn Lithuania. She grew up with her grandmother and watched her as she used herbs and weeds to heal wounded WWI soldiers. In her mid-teens, Ann moved to America where she quickly adopted the ‘new worlds’ habits and customs. Her new American diet resulted in colon cancer and then a disastrous automobile accident crushed her legs and resulted in gangrene. It was at this point that the doctors recommended amputation and Ann refused, while her family sided with the doctors. At home, Ann struggled to move and feed herself. She spent endless hours in her backyard in the sun, eating weeds and herbs and applying them to her wounds as she learned from her grandmother back in Europe. Slowly, Ann regained her strength and devised a plan for indoor greens to sustain her through the cold Boston winter. Ann eventually returned to her doctors after she was up and about again, her wounds gone and her legs healed. Ann recalls that the doctors “made no comment when X-ray films showed that the bones had knitted firmly.” from Chetday.com

For most people the Benefits of Wheatgrass are easier to fathom, consuming weeds is really how Dr. Ann healed her self. Later using wheagrass along with sprouts & raw fruits and vegetables to maintain her health.

So can you…


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