WHAT IS WHEATGRASS THERAPY? page 321, NATURAMA Living Textbook, by Ann Wigmore


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NATURAMA Living Textbook, pg. 321.
DEDICATED TO —Human Angels

It has been almost twenty-five years since I conceived the idea of naming my health program, Hippocrates Health Institute. I knew very little about Hippocrates at the time. I had read only a few paragraphs about his interest in food and being the farther of medicine, but actually I did not have a full understanding of what he represented until a few days ago when a student sent me an old book that was even out of print. Everything I have tried to do in helping people, seemingly, has been in his therapy all these thousands of years ago. Apparently it was established that to keep healthy one must be their own doctor but we have just gotten off the track. The result, as you all know, is sickness, physical and mental.Hippocrates was not dealing very much with medicine, as it was claimed, but with the ideal of food as the only medicine. Hippocrates was an ascepiadea healing priest. He was born on the Greek island of Ros, in the year 460 B.C. In his early days, he was called the divine-physician. His mother’s ancestry went back to the family of Hercules. Hippocrates studied Herb medicine with his father,who was a celebrated healer, with Hereclides as their teacher. He also studied with Democritus of Abdena, the father of atomic theory. Perhaps that was the real reason why Hippocrates, in the later years, was showered with honors for his extraordinary knowledge of“the laws of nature.” He separated the physical healing from superstition and priestcraft, which was practiced in the old days. Hippocrates put great emphasis on the physical body care. He called the body the house for “The healing God.” Young Hippocrates worked with his father as priest-physician for many years. Together they formed many clinics.

“Most of the people who I have met, who lay dying of Cancer on their hospital beds, wish they had gone to one of the Mexican Clinics.” ______________ Comment from a Mormon Missionary, doing Friendly Visitation.

They were beautifully constructed so that patients could receive plenty of sun, air and spring water which was available for healing. Those days only organic uncooked food was used. “It was not known then, that we should spray chemicals on our food.” Old Estonian Proverb. People came to the clinic with all kinds of ailments, and mental health problems. He believed that derangement of the“humor” was a problem which caused the sickness of the body and that this was due to unhealthy living habits. Hippocrates, therefore, worked on the changing of old habits, and diet was his first concentration. Hot baths, exercise and mental habits were enforced as an aid to healing. Hippocrates had a great interest in astrology and turned for guidance from the stars. He was greatly honored for his work in helping so many people during the plague at Athens and according to early writings, it states; Hippocrates was tops as a person and physician. The great physician was un-grecian in appearance with a long grey beard, etc. His bed wide manners were kindly but firm. He really believed God helped those who helped themselves. We are more like solar angels not really the nuclear humans we are being programmed to think we are.
Chlorophyll is a by product of living plants exposure to light, preferably unfiltered:

“Sun Light”.

Please, tread (treat) this planet in all it’s glories and it’s distractions thoughtfully.


Hipprocrates worked on three planes, the physical, the mental and the spiritual. He also believed that any diversion, from either one, could not lead to progress, but to great confusion. He considered treatments a great waste of time and believed that sickness brought forth selfishness, wars and poverty, which should be eliminated through education. Hipprocates’ influence even reached Rome. The physicians there used his idea of the bath and for a time it was enforced against the high fee of doctors, therefore, each physician had to be responsible for their own mistakes, etc. The physicians of those days had to teach the people to find natural means for health. Just think, all these centuries have passed since the responsibility was placed on each person for maintaining health and now we are forced to turn back to these ideas of working with nature, the unbeatable, unfailing way the body will heal itself given a chance. The time is now. You have an opportunity to go back to the original methods of health and well-being. Hippocrates Health Institute, now, The Ann Wigmore Foundation gives you that opportunity. You can go up or down, this will depend on you. In India we can accomplish a more healthy existance quicker than in the U.S.A. with self-help through living food. More doctors are turning towards aid from nature and we will need a great many students to help these changes. Hippocrates Teaching the new age doctors wholistic healing. Holistic Healing. Study what I say to you and meet the requirements of natural healing.

________ A discussion on your responsibility for natural healing. AW/job

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