Living Foods Health Coach – Health & Wellness Reading with Susan!

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I am Susan Lavendar, Healing mentor, Rock mover, Organic Gardner, Living Foods Paradise visionary.

On my path of awakening (being Alive with vital energy!) I have found many short circuits in the whole healing field, being that ‘WHOLE-listic‘ is the sum total of all facets of the whole pie and not just pieces of the pie.

My 40 years on the path of Natural Hygiene and Organic Live foods allow me to offer expertise and experience to benefit you. I can provide Natural Healthy direction to your next level of Unfolding & healing.

This is a Path and it leads to finding the ways to implement change in your conditions. Be they physical, mental &/or emotional components. Making and implementing CHANGE results to a more neutral balance and energy upgrade or the next letting go of toxic substance thus the healing reactions or otherwise referred to as healing crisis….

Should you have had a diagnosis from a doctor… the great news is that it is reversible and thus can be eventually fully released. (See article : Healing Crisis Explained or Google it in YouTube) or see:-  How To Deal With A Healing Crisis 4:54 min. by Vicki Howie MA, CHt. [ for example ]

Becoming the director of the Ann Wigmore Foundation’s | Living Foods Lifestyle® Program’s was a development , healing journey and growing experience for me. I have directed many guests and people over the phone and in person to help them achieve, a vibrant rejuvenated life of health & vitality.

I will provide ONE follow-up on your healing progress. My assistance will improve your well being and lead to goal setting for: healthier life – balanced choices.

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Tell me a bit of your concerns, health challenge and / or diagnosis – age, weight and height. If you are on any prescriptions or other drugs. Provide some information on your current eating habits and your goals.

I will email you back and we will commit to a phone time and initiate your inspiration to go to the next level of clarity and wellness.

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Look Forward to Hearing from You – Susan